OUR Method

We combine mind and body to strengthen our students’ executive function skills.


Untapped Learning uses research-backed methods to help students with all types of learning challenges.

Executive Function

Kids aren’t born with executive function skills – they’re born with the potential to learn them.


Exercise releases endorphins while improving oxygen and blood flow to the brain, which improves mood and information retention.


Students respond more positively to mentors they can relate to—in age, background, and interests. 


Students achieve small, manageable tasks more easily than when confronted by one large, arduous project.

10 minutes of movement
boosts brain function, improving performance in mental tasks.
We're 65% more likely…
to achieve a goal if we tell someone else and they help hold us accountable.
100% of people have struggled
with at least one executive function skill at some point (according to us).

What we do

Our approach to mentoring, movement, and accountability sets Untapped apart and allows us to encourage the individual learning style of each student.

Our Home

Designed and built with students in mind, our Broomfield center blends individual classrooms, a homework center, and a full-scale movement zone — all under one roof.


We have two gym areas for students to get moving. Whether you’re throwing a football before sitting down to work or playing ping-pong while studying Spanish flash cards, we have space to move! Just keep an eye out for rogue Spikeball hits.


Our private classrooms provide dedicated quiet spaces for mentors and students to work together on assignments, planning, or studying.


Staffed with subject experts to help students with math, science, and language arts, the homework center can be booked and used as spot to study for upcoming tests or to complete assignments.


Need a place to hang out before sessions or while waiting for your student? Untapped has a few common areas where parents, mentors, and students can convene.

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