Calm is Contagious: A Guide for Parents of Student Athletes

The journey of a student-athlete is a delicate balance of intense competition and maintaining composure under pressure, which is essential for peak performance. Imagine a young hockey player’s day: early morning practices, a full day of school, followed by more training or games. This demanding schedule requires not just physical endurance but mental resilience. As parents, your role is to support your child in excelling both on the field and in academics.

The skill to remain calm and composed in stressful situations benefits student-athletes in their sport and academics. Consider a hockey player during a crucial game where the atmosphere is intense. In these moments, athletes must stay calm to focus, strategize, and execute plays effectively. Your demeanor as a parent—calm, supportive, and composed—is a powerful example, teaching them to channel their adrenaline and excitement into focus rather than anxiety.

However, a balance is necessary. Sports like hockey require an element of ‘fire’—a passionate, aggressive energy that fuels competitiveness. This fire is vital for pushing limits and making decisive moves. The challenge lies in helping your student-athlete balance this fire with control.

 Strategies for Parents

  1. Discuss the Fire vs. Ice Balance: Explain the importance of calmness and passion in sports success. Share stories of athletes who excel in balancing these emotions.
  2. Celebrate Emotional Intelligence: Acknowledge when your child manages their emotions well, whether they win or lose. Highlight the significance of emotional intelligence in sports[3][4].
  3. Model Appropriate Reactions: Show joy in their successes and demonstrate how to remain calm and think strategically when unplanned.
  4. Emphasize the Process Over Outcome: Teach your child that effort and learning are as valuable as winning. This perspective fosters a healthier, more balanced approach to sports and life[6].

The life of a student-athlete is both challenging and rewarding. As parents, you act as coaches, guiding your child to find the balance between calm and energy. This not only aids their current sports and academic endeavors but sets them up for future success. Continue to support and cheer them on!

Parenting a student-athlete comes with a lot to balance, and helping your child thrive both in and out of their sport can be challenging. Let Untapped support you in helping your child achieve success on and off the field. 

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