Summer is the perfect time to review concepts and prepare for the next school year—we can help!

We’re here to prevent the summer backslide. Our summer programs are designed to keep students’ brains activated outside of the school year. Kids who struggle to learn in big groups will thrive in our interactive, one-on-one environment. All of our programs include breaks with research-based movement to keep students sharp, as well as varying degrees of executive function skill development. Sign up for programs by the week: each “session” runs Monday through Thursday, one hour a day (four hours total).

This summer, we’re offering 4 programs: math review & pre-teaching, study skills, transition year preparation: executive function boot camp, and a general academic support option (help with writing organization, course recovery support, etc.).

*In the event of COVID closures, we will refund all summer program payments.

Colin, high school student with a lacrosse stick

Student listening to mentor while sitting at desk together.

Math Review and Pre-teaching

Week of June 7th – Week of August 9th
Monday – Thursday

Our math program is designed to help students familiarize themselves with curriculum they’ll encounter in their next school year. In light of remote learning challenges, we’ll also review past material to make sure students fully understand the content before moving on. We offer 6th-grade math through precalculus. In addition to review and pre-teaching, we’ll lead executive function lessons to keep students sharp and help them develop those critical skills.


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Week of June 28th – Week of August 9th
Monday – Thursday

You asked, we answered! Does your student struggle with note-taking, maintaining routines, and productive study skills? This summer program is dedicated to figuring out how your student learns best and helping them adjust to maximize their learning.


Mentor with student at table.

Transition year Preparation:

Week of July 12th – Week of August 9th
Monday – Thursday

Next fall is going to be an especially big jump for three groups: students entering 6th grade, 9th grade (freshman year), and college. We’ve created executive function curriculum specific to each of these age groups in order to prepare students and make these transitions as seamless as possible! If you are interested in this program but none of the weeks work with your schedule, please fill out a contact form here and we can try to accommodate your scheduling needs!


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Benefits of summer
programs include:

  • improved retention
  • increased confidence
  • enhanced processing speed

…all while developing executive function skills!

Not finding the category of support you’re looking for? If your student needs guidance with writing organization, credit recovery, or anything else, let us know in the “other” section of our sign-up page. We’re happy to support you in any way we can!

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What is pre-teaching?

Pre-teaching introduces your student to new material before they learn it in a traditional classroom setting.

Why is pre-teaching effective?

Pre-teaching sets students up for success by introducing concepts they’ll be learning during their next school year. The repetition of key concepts and terminology helps them retain the information better when they encounter it again. Students have more confidence in the classroom when they’re already familiar with the material.

If my student has ADHD, dyslexia, or another learning disability, is this program good for them?

This program is made for your student! Students with those challenges benefit immensely from pre-teaching.

What does a typical day look like for the summer program?

Our math program starts with movement, and we continuously switch between pre-teaching and moving for the duration of the session. We also include an executive function lesson designed to improve school performance.

Our writing program is focused on organizing and writing, with breaks for discussion and movement if needed.

Why is the program only an hour a day?

The length of the program is designed to maximize attention.

How do you decide who teaches my student?

We find a mentor who’s a good fit for your student and an expert in the content.

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