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Preparing high school students for lifelong success.

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Alleviate academic and family tensions through our high school mentoring program.

High school can be daunting for both students and families alike. The pressure of academics often adds tension to family life. Our dedicated high school mentoring program helps to strengthen essential skills and lay a solid foundation for academic and personal success for college and beyond.

students mentored since 2017

of high school students attend a college or university

of first-time students improve their GPA

of students report decreased levels of academic anxiety

Why Choose Untapped Learning for High School Mentoring

Elevating high school success
through personalized mentoring

Academic excellence with a personal touch

Our mentors nurture academic success while understanding the unique needs of high school students. Through personalized guidance and support, we empower your teenager to excel in their studies.

Holistic development for life beyond high school

Beyond academics, we focus on personal development, fostering critical life skills, such as time management, organization, and effective study habits, setting the stage for lifelong success.

Movement-integrated learning approach

We embrace an innovative approach by integrating movement into mentoring sessions. This method helps students stay engaged, focused, and motivated, leading to enhanced learning and retention.

Untapped Success Stories

Malarie’s journey:

Malarie has always found school challenging. Since high school, she’s struggled to juggle her classes and complete her assignments on time.

When Malarie and her mentor, Emiko, started working together, they focused on organizing her assignments and improving her time management skills. Emiko introduced various methods to help Malarie manage her time better, like the Pomodoro method, time blocking, and avoiding multitasking. They spent time reflecting on her study habits to find what worked best for her. As Malarie began college, they continued to work on time management, emphasizing the importance of structuring her day and taking care of herself.

With Emiko’s support, Malarie has made significant progress in managing her academic responsibilities and prioritizing her well-being. Their ongoing partnership is helping Malarie navigate the challenges of college life. Together, Malarie and Emiko are laying the groundwork for a successful academic journey marked by growth and achievement.

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How It Works

Getting started with Untapped is easy.


30-Minute Intake Session

Connect with Untapped Learning by scheduling a brief intake session. During this 30-minute consultation, our team gains valuable insights into your student’s challenges and goals, paving the way for a tailored mentoring approach.


Personalized Mentorship Plan

Following the intake session, Untapped Learning designs a personalized mentorship plan. This plan aligns with your student’s unique needs, combining academic guidance, personal development strategies, and movement-based approaches for holistic growth.


Watch Your Student Grow

Experience the transformative impact as your student engages in personalized coaching sessions. Witness their growth, increased confidence, and enhanced academic skills, setting them on a trajectory toward success in both academics and life.

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Gain valuable insights into your child’s academic journey by scheduling a complimentary, 15-minute consultation with Karen. During this meeting, Karen will address your child’s academic aspirations, concerns, and goals, providing tailored feedback on if Untapped is the right fit.

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