Mentors for Middle School Students

Middle school mentorship that transforms.

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Navigating middle school challenges can overwhelm students and families.

Schoolwork is a huge source of tension for many families. Our specialized middle school program pairs students with dedicated mentors, focusing on enhancing skills and creating a strong foundation for success in academics and life.

Why Choose Untapped Learning for Middle School Mentoring

Personalized Mentorship
for Middle Schoolers

Tailored Guidance

Experience personalized and supportive mentorship tailored to address your child’s unique needs, ensuring long-term success.

Academic Advancement

We’re not traditional tutors, but improved executive function skills typically result in academic success as well as personal development.

Holistic Development

Foster essential life skills in your child, ensuring their growth goes beyond the classroom to navigate life’s challenges.

Hear more from our parents

“Untapped Learning has greatly helped my son who was struggling with virtual school. They have made a positive difference and helped him so very much. This service is a great blessing for our family. They are helping children to learn life skills and to succeed in their academic endeavors.”

Frances Peters


“My child’s confidence level and academic results have improved as a result of the Untapped program. In the past few years, my child has developed time management skills, completed their homework and studies on time, and become more organized. I would recommend Untapped to anyone without hesitation! They are well worth the time and expense! It has been a life-changing experience for my child to be a part of Untapped.”

Jessica Whitehall


“Our son has been meeting with his Untapped mentor for two school years now. We have seen really great progress in his ability to plan, prepare and actually complete his homework. He enjoys meeting with his mentor and having someone outside for accountability reduces the fights at home too. It is a great program and has been invaluable for our son.”

Janelle Hahn


“Both our high school and college-aged children have worked with coaches from Untapped Learning to support their special needs – one has executive function challenges and the other severe anxiety. In both cases, they were paired with coaches who were a great match to help work through their challenges, and both have made significant improvement in their coursework. I highly recommend Untapped Learning for academic support of both high school and college students!”

Kristen DeBeer


How It Works

Getting started with Untapped is easy.


Pair with a mentor

Our mentors set Untapped Learning apart from classic tutoring services. To begin, we pair you with the right mentor based on personality and learning style. You’ll meet one-on-one, once a week, to build a plan so that you can break down daunting assignments into manageable tasks.


Get moving!

We built our center to merge both body and mind. And we know that movement is the miracle drug for executive function—so throughout your in-person sessions, you can get moving to help drive focus, memory, and brain function.


Stay accountable

With your mentor, you’ll develop a plan to check in and stay on task. Through texts, calls, and emails, you and your mentor will make sure you’re working towards your goals, improving academically, and feeling confident about your work load and activities. Your mentor will monitor grade portals, check teacher websites, and hold you accountable so parents can take a step back.

Karen Wilkinson, Untapped Learning's Parent and Family Coordinator, smiles for her professional headshot against a bright blue background.

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Gain valuable insights into your child’s academic journey by scheduling a complimentary, 15-minute consultation with Karen. During this meeting, Karen will address your child’s academic aspirations, concerns, and goals, providing tailored feedback on if Untapped is the right fit.

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