The more people aligned with the common goal of supporting neurodiverse learners, the better.

We offer educational training and support for administrators, advisors, counselors, and faculty.

We want to help level the playing field for neurodiverse students.
We help students stay in school—we’re really good at it.
Students should spend their time doing assignments, not looking for them.

Our interactive seminar provides an overview of the most frequently diagnosed learning disabilities, strategies to support neurodiverse students, implementation guidelines, and small group coaching and problem solving. The program runs approximately eight hours, including lunch and breaks.


Introductory Phone Call: Talk with your key personnel, which may include counselors, advisors, and other stakeholders, to understand your goals for the workshop better. We will seek to understand your current support for students with learning disabilities, available learning accommodations, the application process for accommodations, and other relevant information.


Workshop: The workshop will include an overview of executive function skills, their place in academic and professional settings, issues for people who face common learning disabilities, current research, and outcomes achievable through appropriate support. We also will include an interactive session with one or more break-out groups to work on one or more issues at your institution. The workshop will wrap up with a Q&A session.


Monthly Meeting: We will meet with your designated personnel via one-hour video calls monthly, for up to three months following the workshop. These monthly meetings are intended to reinforce the information presented and to assist you in implementing policies and procedures based on our material. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed and may incur an additional fee.

Partnerships and referrals

We understand the many challenges your Disability Services office manages. Our partnership program model allows us to integrate closely with your exisiting resources to provide inclusive support for at-risk students. The specialized support our mentoring program offers is typically more comprehensive and requires more resources than may be available through traditional programs.

We acknowledge that universities and colleges may not have funding available for Untapped’s partnership program. Our referral program requires that students pay for either a semester or a full year of Untapped’s mentoring program. The referral program is effective for students facing academic probation, as well as those who are challenged by the pace and workload of a post-secondary education.

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