Finish Strong!

We’re almost at the end of the term! After navigating success and growth, and every frustration and setback, don’t stop now—the end is in sight, but we’re not there yet.

As you and your student tackle the rest of the semester, remember: your student is #1.

We always have to look out for #1: homework, grades, and performance. Help your student prioritize themselves and school in this home stretch.

What does that mean?

Review the semester: acknowledge the routines that helped your student and “revise” what didn’t work. Maybe during Academic Hour, your student listened to music while studying, but test scores weren’t as high as they could have been. Cut the music and see what happens. Have you seen a difference in grades when your student is studying in their room vs. studying at the kitchen table? Talking through these routines and figuring out what to stop, what to continue, and what to start will set your student up for a strong finish to their year. Ideally, we want to get these systems in place before the last few weeks, before we’re stressed and pressed for time.

Discipline = Freedom

Help your student understand the importance of finishing strong, and help them navigate tough conversations with friends or other influences that might pull them off task. Once the work is done, they have full freedom, but the work has to be completed in order for that to happen.

Remind your student: “In the end, you have to live with your grade and your learning.” Encourage them to realize they have the power and discipline to stand up to distractions. This discipline is a powerful move if they can pull it off, and practicing it now in a school setting will have a positive effect in the future (college, peer pressure in social situations, etc.).

If your student has work to do and they don’t feel comfortable telling their friends no, help them role play with answers:

– My mom/dad are on my case, I can’t hang out

– The teacher extended our assignment last minute, I have to finish it

– I have to focus on college applications

– My coach says I have to stay eligible

Whatever it takes to get them to take action, own their education, and take responsibility for their work: make it happen.

These goals to finish strong, whether or not they’re achieved, do not mark an “end point” for your student. A step back doesn’t mean full failure, but on the other end of the spectrum, success should be celebrated and is an opportunity to raise the bar! Take pride in your student’s progress and success… but don’t stop now. Finish strong!

For More Information: Discipline Equals Freedom

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