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Executive function (or EF) skills include planning, organization, time management, focused attention, impulse control, task initiation, flexibility, emotional regulation, verbal and working memory, problem-solving, and metacognition. These skills are hosted in the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain responsible for decision-making, attention, behavior, and emotion. (When people talk about our brains not fully developing until our mid- to late-twenties, this is the part of the brain they’re referring to.) In more tangible terms, these are the skills that help us maintain routines, prevent procrastination, and get out the door on time (among other things).

Many people develop these skills in their teens, but sometimes the skills don’t come naturally to everyone. People who have learning challenges like ADHD and dyslexia, those who struggle with anxiety or depression, and many others with no official diagnoses, often need to be taught these skills. With practice, everyone is capable of learning them.

That’s where we come in!

While traditional tutoring aims to improve understanding and performance in specific subject areas, executive function coaching targets the skills necessary for effective learning across all subjects. Untapped’s mentors empower students to understand their own learning processes, develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, and build self-regulation skills. We like to say that we approach executive function skill development through an academic perspective, but our focus is on the cognitive processes behind successful learning. Planning, organizing, etc. through the lens of school provides consistent, tangible ways for mentors and students to recognize and practice these skills. This approach typically facilitates immediate academic improvement, but more importantly, it fosters long-term resilience and adaptability, equipping students with the skills to tackle new challenges on their own.

At the end of the day, we’re less focused on GPA and more focused on increasing independence and building confidence so our students are successful in and beyond school.

Our remote middle and high school students meet with their mentors twice a week for 30-minute sessions. These shorter meetings help students stay engaged and focused.

Regardless of student age or location, mentors reach out throughout the week to check in on progress, help problem-solve any situations that may arise, and provide supportive accountability from a non-parent, non-teacher perspective.

The first of the two sessions typically focuses on creating a plan for the week that includes any assignments the student needs to complete, extracurricular activities, appointments, etc. The plan also includes big tests and due dates, and the mentor will help the student break down those projects, essays, or tests into smaller, more manageable tasks; the resulting essay-writing breakdowns and study schedules set the student up for success.

The second session of the week is designed for the mentor and student to reflect on what’s going well in the week as well as what’s been challenging. This time is spent adjusting the weekly plan, problem-solving, and driving task initiation for any assignments a student has potentially been avoiding.

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How It Works

Getting started with Untapped is easy.


30-Minute Intake Session

Connect with Untapped Learning by scheduling a brief intake session. During this 30-minute consultation, our team gains valuable insights into your student’s challenges and goals, paving the way for a tailored coaching approach.


Personalized Coaching

Following the intake session, Untapped Learning pairs your student with a mentor based on personality types, shared interests, and more. The mentor will address your student’s unique needs, combining academic guidance, personal development strategies, and movement-based approaches for holistic growth.


Watch Your Student Grow

Experience the transformative impact as your student engages in personalized coaching sessions with their mentor. Witness their growth, increased confidence, and enhanced executive function skills, setting them on a trajectory toward success in both academics and life.

Hear more from our parents

“Untapped Learning has greatly helped my son who was struggling with virtual school. They have made a positive difference and helped him so very much. This service is a great blessing for our family. They are helping children to learn life skills and to succeed in their academic endeavors.”

Frances Peters


“My child’s confidence level and academic results have improved as a result of the Untapped program. In the past few years, my child has developed time management skills, completed their homework and studies on time, and become more organized. I would recommend Untapped to anyone without hesitation! They are well worth the time and expense! It has been a life-changing experience for my child to be a part of Untapped.”

Jessica Whitehall


“Our son has been meeting with his Untapped mentor for two school years now. We have seen really great progress in his ability to plan, prepare and actually complete his homework. He enjoys meeting with his mentor and having someone outside for accountability reduces the fights at home too. It is a great program and has been invaluable for our son.”

Janelle Hahn


“Both our high school and college-aged children have worked with coaches from Untapped Learning to support their special needs – one has executive function challenges and the other severe anxiety. In both cases, they were paired with coaches who were a great match to help work through their challenges, and both have made significant improvement in their coursework. I highly recommend Untapped Learning for academic support of both high school and college students!”

Kristen DeBeer


“Over the years, Untapped has helped two of my children better manage their school experience by boosting their executive function skills and confidence. I so appreciate the mentoring – it helps tremendously to have someone else other than me tracking things on the school front. Bonus, the kids enjoy going.”

Jennifer Wilson


“What a gift Untapped Learning is to our community!

Untapped Learning isn’t just a program; it’s a catalyst for positive change. It empowers students to first understand executive function challenges and then teaches them authentic tools to unlock their full potential, setting them on a path toward lasting success. I simply cannot recommend this unique and effective program enough!”

Kathy Sherman

Karen Wilkinson, Untapped Learning's Parent and Family Coordinator, smiles for her professional headshot against a bright blue background.

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Gain valuable insights into your child’s academic journey by scheduling a complimentary, 15-minute consultation with Karen. During this session, Karen will address your child’s academic concerns, aspirations, and goals, providing tailored guidance to ensure a more focused and successful educational path.

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